Services offered

For Flat Knitting Machines

  • Scheduled maintenance

    Our complete maintenance service includes periodical inspections, repair or replacement of parts, carriage removal, cams and cables inspection.

  • Troubleshooting & repair

    Our team is available for in-house repairs. You can join us between 8h00am and 7h00pm, EST.

  • New acquisitions

    We offer a worldwide installation and training service for your new acquisitions. Our experts are available for you, where ever you are.

  • On call service

    Our technicians team is available to answer any inquiries you may have or set an appointment between 8h00am and 7h00pm, EST.

  • Electronics repair

    Our technicians can repair circuit boards, computers and hard drives from Stoll, Universal and KH machines.

  • Available for short term overseas contracts

    Our international clients can rely on our repair and training team, available for short-term assignments of one to four weeks.

For Knitting

  • Creation of knitting patterns

    Patterns created with our MA 8000 or Siriux systems can be sent to you by email or courier. Available for Stoll, Universal & Kauo Heng.

  • Knit testing available (sample orders)

    New knit patterns can be tested directly on our machines with our sample service.


  • Liquidation service

    If you wish to sell your equipment, CTM can buy it directly from you or liquidate it for you.

  • Trade-in service

    Looking to renew your factory? We accept trade-ins for a one stop solution.